At present, the demand for concrete mixer trucks on the market is very large, and there are many people who buy them. The production process is also very professional. 

The thermal balance of the bearing must be considered to control the temperature rise. Because the bearing works under friction, the power consumption is caused by the internal friction of the lubricating liquid. After being converted into heat, the bearing temperature rises, the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases, and the gap changes. 

The babbitt alloy of the bearing is softened, and when it is serious, the accident of "burning bush and holding shaft" occurs. The mixer truck improves the maintenance and assembly quality of the bearing to ensure that the back of the bearing is smooth and spotless, and the positioning bump is intact and undamaged. 

The self-bounce amount is 0.5- 1.5mm, this ensures that the bearing shells closely fit the bearing housing hole by their own elastic force after assembly. 

Each end of the upper and lower bearing shells in the reproduced bearing housing should be 30-50 microns higher than the bearing housing plane, and the higher output can be guaranteed as required After the bearing cap bolts are tightened with torque, the bearing and the bearing seat are closely matched to produce sufficient friction and self-locking force, the bearing will not loosen, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the bearing is prevented from ablation and wear. The working surface of the bearing cannot be scraped to reach 75%-85 % The contact mark is used as a measurement standard, and the matching clearance between the bearing and the shaft diameter should meet the requirements without scraping.