Liaocheng Industrial Research Institute hosts high-quality bearing industry technical exchange training Release time: 2023-08-23 In order to actively respond to Liaocheng's plan to strengthen the manufacturing industry and promote the development of the bearing industry towards higher quality, on August 18, Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau Under the guidance, Liaocheng Industrial Research Institute, together with experts from Liaocheng University, successfully held a technical exchange training meeting. 50 high-quality bearing companies from Yandian Town, Panzhuang Town, Tangyuan Town and other places gathered together. At the meeting, Xueyong, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau, delivered a speech. Guo Fei, Chief of the Planning Section of Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau, Wang Changzheng, Deputy Director of Liaocheng University Science and Technology Department, Li Baoli, Director of Industrial Technology Department of Liaocheng Industry Research Institute, Liu Shixiang, Chief Engineer of Heat Treatment Division of Shandong Xinya Company, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Panzhuang Town, Town Chang Zhouchao and other guests attended the event. Gao Shikui, director of Linqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, presided over and delivered a passionate speech.

At the meeting, Li Baoli introduced in detail the institutional mechanism, service model, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Liaocheng Industrial Research Institute. Wang Changzheng conducted lively training and exchanges on steel testing technology and heat treatment technology in the field of bearings. He fully considered the current status of the bearing industry, proposed solutions to technical bottlenecks that restrict development, and provided in-depth suggestions for industry development. Liu Shixiang gave real-time answers to the difficult questions of enterprise representatives, pointing out new directions for enterprises in terms of technology research and development, product innovation, and achievement transformation.

Pan Zhuangzhen said that this meeting is an important opportunity to promote industrial development, and will strengthen cooperation with Liaocheng Industrial Research Institute to jointly create a "production-university-research-application" exchange platform. By working together to solve problems, we can assist the innovative development of enterprises, further stimulate innovation vitality, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the bearing industry.