Representatives of Russian TOHAP automobile manufacturers visited Hebei Axis Research Institute to discuss cooperation

On the morning of August 16, the purchasing director of TOHAP automobile manufacturer from Russia and his team of three people visited Hebei Axis Research Institute to conduct on-site negotiations on cooperation in the supply of bearings that match truck parts. Under the warm reception of Lu Qinglei, assistant to the dean, the two parties had in-depth exchanges.

Assistant Lu personally accompanied the Russian merchants to visit the research and development results display of the Shaft Research Institute, and also visited the bearing trial production workshop and precision testing room. Merchants listened to introductions about remarkable achievements in core areas such as high-end precision machine tool bearings and military radar bearings. Then, Assistant Lu introduced to the merchants how Hebei Axis Research Institute promotes the development of the bearing industry through technological leadership.

Merchants spoke highly of what they heard. They said that through this on-site inspection, they deeply felt that the Axis Research Institute has performed well in R&D innovation and achieved results, which has laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties. This inspection also gave them confidence when looking for auto parts supporting companies in Linxi.

Later, Assistant Lu led the merchants to visit the alliance enterprises of the Shaft Research Institute, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the rich varieties of Linxi bearings and the integrity of the industrial chain. It is reported that the Russian automaker plans to find suitable suppliers in China to meet the needs of its entire series of bearings. This inspection has injected confidence into further deepening cooperation, especially in automotive bearing projects and other broad areas.