WJBR Successfully Participated in the 25th BearingNet User Meeting 

From October 5-7, 2023, the 25th BearingNet User Meeting was grandly held in Berlin, Germany. As the most important event in the bearing industry, this conference brought together over 500 bearing buyers and suppliers from around the world. 

Mr. Xing, general manager of WJBR, Shandong Weijie Bearing Co., Ltd., and Laura attended the exhibition together and brought the factory's main products, including tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, split bearings, self-lubricating copper sleeves, etc. to the exhibition. 

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微信图片_20231008180739(1).jpg  微信图片_20231008180745(1).jpg 微信图片_20231008180751(1).jpg 

During the exhibition, the company's booth welcomed many customers. In addition to regular product displays and technical exchanges, the company also organized interactive activities, such as bearing sample displays and small gifts, so that foreign customers can have a deeper understanding of their company. At the exhibition site, the negotiation atmosphere was warm. WJBR's professional attitude and excellent products were highly recognized by foreign customers. The two parties communicated with each other, laying the foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties. 

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